You are a SUPERHERO!

Somewhere along the way, you either forgot or let the world convince you that you are ordinary, just like everyone else. And while in many ways, we are all the same, you still sense that inside of you, there is a unique and special ability. Further, even though you may not realize it, you have the capacity to develop even more unique, special, and amazing abilities. It is possible that over the years, you may have just forgotten that you can.

Don’t you remember…?

When you were a child, didn’t you believe that you could run faster because of the kind of sneakers on your feet?

Do you remember how you became Wonder Woman when you put on that tiara and swung that rope?

When you tied a towel around your neck and tried really hard, weren’t you moments away from flying?

Now, you’re an adult

…and we all know that adulting is generally no fun. #adulting

You show up at work every day by 9:00, coffee in hand. You’re ready to take down your task list, battle your email inbox, and deal with the office politics. You’ve accepted that maybe your impact in this world will be minimal but hey, “a job is a job”


Coaching is tough. Day after day, you grind it out, hoping to get ahead. You imagine that if you run fast enough, you can outrun the debt, you can out-earn your expenses…you can finally get ahead.

Have you stopped even believing that there is something more? Something better? Have you given up on the belief that you were to make a mark on this world? I’m fairly certain that those Monday morning standup meetings are not what you envisioned.

Where did your dreams go?

One day you were planning big things. The next day you’re worrying about your retirement planning.

What happened to the passion, purpose, and meaning that once drove you? Do you even remember what that felt like?

I do.

I’ve been chasing that feeling my entire life. I have always wanted to be extraordinary. I have always wanted to understand how to unlock the next level…and then never stop. I’m obsessed with making sure that the time I’m spending here leaves a lasting impact.

When you look deep inside yourself…don’t you feel the same?

I decided to do something about it.

I know that I possess special abilities, and I’m not afraid to say so. But I’m not the only one. Throughout my life whether in high school, college, my MBA, being an employee, being an entrepreneur, a strategist, consultant, and Podcast host, I’ve found that nearly everyone I’ve ever met either has, or had the potential to possess…superpowers.

  • I wanted to know where these powers came from.
  • I wanted to understand how to learn new ones.
  • I wanted to codify the process so that I could teach others.

When you ask the right questions… the answers will appear.

So I went to work trying to figure it out. I studied. I learned. After careful review, I’ve found that there is a small core group of superpowers that are the key to unlock every other ability.

I’d like to show you but, there’s a catch.

As you might expect, this journey will not be easy. You will not be able to just skim through this. Becoming a real-life Superhero requires deep introspection. It requires you to be vulnerable. It requires you to be willing to change so that you can fulfill your life’s purpose. This is the path to survive, thrive, and change the world.

The first step to becoming that superhero you want to be is the leap of faith.

Despite my warnings, do not be afraid.

Part of being a Superhero is venturing boldly into the unknown in pursuit of changing the world. If you follow the playbook, you will have all the skills and tools necessary to become the Superhero you were meant to be.

Will you join me?

Why you should join

The problem is, you feel like there’s just too much to learn, you don’t know where to start, and you don’t know where to find the time. There are so many skills you need and not nearly enough time to find the most efficient route to get there.

Maybe you’re a coach to freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, or those looking to break out from the 9-5 grind, you want your work to have a meaning, purpose, and to provide financial security. You know that you have enormous potential but unless something changes, nothing will change.

Along the way, I got into debt and worked my way out. I made bad decisions and learned from them. I dealt with the best and worst clients and teammates and wasted countless hours doing things the least efficient way imaginable.

All of those lessons were learned the hard way.

Over the last 11 years, I came to realize that my superpower is translating the complex into the simple. I want to share all of the lessons I’ve learned and all of the knowledge and resources I’ve acquired over the last 11 years. These invaluable lessons in business and life are the antidote to your frustration and stress. I don’t want you to waste the time I did, and I don’t want you to deal with this journey without the guide that I wish I had.

The Superhero Institute is designed and priced for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and people who are stuck in their current job. The entire program is customized for YOU.

If you are ready to learn the Superpowers you need to break free and take the limits off their potential…

What You’ll Get

I want to make sure that you have access to the training, tools, and resources you need to break free. I want you to be armed with every skill to succeed in business and life. Conceptually, this includes:

  • Your ability to learn with increasing speed and efficiency
  • Your ability think deeply about how to solve problems
  • Your ability to become an expert in all forms of communication
  • Your ability to be an extraordinary leader, whether you’re leading up, down, sideways, or leading yourself
  • Your ability to execute your vision under any circumstance

Beyond these core abilities, there are certain specific skills you need to thrive in today’s business environment, and many of these same skills will help in your personal life. When you get clear on your purpose, and align your brand, leadership skills, sales and marketing, and productivity, you become nearly unstoppable.

The Superhero Institute will always include a free membership option, because the most important thing to me, is that we have more Superheroes in the world. If you want more hands-on help, please explore one of the two paid memberships.

After you join, you’ll have access to the most valuable collection of curated resources, original trainings, templates, and strategies, and one-on-one consulting…so that you don’t have to go this path alone.

I want you to know for certain that you can:

  • Learn anything you need to know to succeed
  • Understand how to accomplish your goals
  • Communicate effectively with anyone, everyone, and in any situation.
  • Lead yourself and your teams toward your big vision and inspire them to take ownership of the results
  • Realize your purpose to find true meaning in your life’s work

Get ready to learn about leadership, company culture, brand, marketing, sales, strategy, process, productivity, and more…