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AAA: The Ultimate Customer Service Framework

jgibbard April 22, 2020 0

I learned about the 3 A’s back around 2013 after reading a blog post from Chris Brogan called “Apologize Immediately.” You can, and should, read it here:

I’ve been using this ever since and I can’t even count how many times it has come in handy.

I want to share the framework with you, give you an example, and then share two additional steps that I’ve added to the framework.

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Watch Me Use A Simple Framework To Pitch 8 Different Products & Services

jgibbard March 18, 2020 0

Skip to a pitch:
PITCH #1: 1:57 – Glove Guard For Popsicles
PITCH #2: 3:30 – Hemorrhoidal Cream
PITCH #3: 4:40 – Guest Blogger Outreach
PITCH #4: 9:20 – Road Legal Tank Treads
PITCH #5: 12:56 – Pliio Clothing Folder
PITCH #6: 16:24 – Postponed Work
PITCH #7: 21:28 – Professional Speaker
PITCH #8: 25:01 – Catering

In this video, I follow up on my video Pitch Any Idea, Product, or Service like a Superhero With These 3 Frameworks.

I pitch 8 different products and services as chosen and suggested by The Superhero Institute community.

How And Why To Use Playbacks And Callbacks In Conversation

jgibbard February 18, 2020 0

Today I’m going to teach you about two different techniques you can use in conversation to build deeper relationships. Using these skills will help you become a better listener and make people want to talk to you more often.

You can use these techniques immediately and start seeing better results in your relationships.

NOTE: I just went through a Final Cut Pro course on Skillshare and in this video I’m trying out a bunch of new stuff. This lesson is a bit shorter than most and it’s because I’m primarily focused on video editing. I hope it makes the watch experience more enjoyable.

How To Give Amazing Video Testimonials & Linkedin Recommendations

jgibbard February 4, 2020 0

In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to give outstanding feedback and testimonials.

This is also a great framework to use if you’re asking people to give you a recommendation, feedback or testimonial. In addition to giving you a step-by-step formula to follow, I also give several real-life examples of recommendations I’ve received and given, to show you what an amazing recommendation sounds like.

How To Give Effective Criticism

jgibbard January 31, 2020 0

Do you have a team member that you need to have a review with?

Do you ever find yourself needing to nudge your spouse about something they said or did?

Looking for something that works better than just telling them what they did wrong?

In today’s lesson, I’ll show you how to give criticism and get people to willingly step up to change their behavior. It’s simple, but it really works.

Pitch Any Idea, Product, or Service like a Superhero With These 3 Frameworks.

jgibbard January 24, 2020 0

In this lessons, I’m going to show you three different ways to present a product, service or idea.

Many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers have a hard time answering the question “why do you do” in a compelling way. The three methods I will show you today can help you better frame what you do and how it makes your prospect’s life better.

Resources Mentioned

Idea Introduction Pattern:

  • “For [target customers]
  • Who are dissatisfied with [the current offerings in the market].
  • My idea/product is a [new idea or product category]
  • That provides [key problem/solution features].
  • Unlike [the competing product].
  • My idea/product is [describe key features]