We train and certify coaches who want to change the world

For Coaches who feel the responsibility to make a lasting impact, we are the only coaching program that trains you how to quickly and reliably master new abilities so you can be clear, powerful, and prepared. Grow your business with purpose, help your clients unlock their potential, and become an unstoppable catalyst for change.

The World Needs More Superheroes

We don’t want to alarm you but the world is in trouble.

We’re working longer hours than ever before, producing more than ever, and yet the spoils of this labor continues to flow upward. We’re less hopeful, less trusting, more medicated, and more divided. The climate is changing, we’re more in debt than ever, and too many people are left wondering: what’s it all for?

As a coach, you got into this line of work to help people. Yet, the size, scope, and complexity of the problems your clients face can seem overwhelming. Maybe you’ve noticed the voice in the back of your head alternating between “who am I to even help them” to “well, well, aren’t we awfully full of ourselves?” Operating in a world of rapid change can leave you feeling drained from the hustle to keep up, or struggling to overcome the fraud syndrome we all fight with.

With all of this stress, you probably haven’t even had time to think about impact…and your legacy. We want you to think about that because if you are someone who hasn’t given up on your dreams of making the world a better place, you’re in the right place.

We believe that our best chance at fixing the world’s problems, is to fill it with more superheroes. The Superhero Institute is a coaching program that teaches you how to become a superhero, and how to help others do that same. Our framework gives people the tools to unlock their potential and challenges them to use their gifts to improve the world. For every person who feels trapped doing work without meaning or impact, our methodology is a sustainable solution that gives you the tools to build new skills and the resilience to overcome any obstacle.

Coaches who become Superhero Institute certified are challenged to be bigger by taking on a new mission for life. Our coaching program has no end and your potential for growth has no limit.

Your life can be an act of Heroism

This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t wait. The world needs you.

The Superhero Institute
Coaching Certification

About The Program

This is the Path of the Hero.

  1. Define Your Purpose
    We need to define what drives you. Once you’ve discovered your deeper purpose, everything else falls in line. This will guide your coaching practice and your life.
  2. Uncover Your Super Power, Then Reveal Yourself
    Now that you are clear on your purpose, we must identify your unique superpowers. Your first trial will be revealing your powers to the world and teaching others how to do what you can do.
  3. Become Superhuman
    You know what it is like to be Super-Powered, but you don’t yet know how to become unlimited. The Superhuman Framework is a process of learning how to continually add new superpowers. You will learn the meta-abilities and the process for acquiring any new ability that you want.
  4. Become a Superhero
    The difference between a Superhuman and a Supehero comes down to what one does with their powers. To become a Superhero, you must commit to the code, and answer the call to adventure.
  5. Mastery
    Once you’ve completed the core curriculum, you will be invited into the Superhero Community to connect with other Superheroes. You will also gain access to the Superhero Institute knowledge base, where you can continually learn new skills taught by certified Superhero Institute coaches.

Ready to unlock your true potential?

Are you a coach with a desire to make a greater impact on your clients and the world?

The Superhero Institute was built just for you.

In their own words…

“I’m going to be completely honest about my experience working with Jeff. Even though it sounds like it, there’s 0 fluff here, seriously. — At first, I met him and thought, he’s really smart and I like how he thinks and I hired him for something very specific – I figured 1-2 months of consulting and see where that goes. After 4 hours of consulting with him, I’m officially a lifetime client.

I really feel like I’m going to become a Superhero with his direction. He’s helped me prepare for big meetings and difficult discussions, prioritize my workload (I hit inbox zero for the first time in my entire life (had my own method to madness, but was overwhelming), strengthen my business strategy, and overall make me feel like a BOSS.

If I would have realized how valuable this type of consulting could be, I would have done this a LONG time ago. I feel empowered and liberated. I feel like I can take on anything. <3 “

Karin Wolok

“Jeff is my go-to for all my business questions! We’ve worked together for 10+ years and I still leave every session blown away by his extensive and technical knowledge in all aspects of business.

I haven’t stumped him yet! It’s a savior these calls are recorded because I can’t write as fast as his good ideas flow.

Jeff will push you, your business, and your weaknesses in the most empowering way. You leave each session equipped, confident, pumped, and ready to tackle your week like the superhero you are! “

Sarah Ohanesian

I’ve known Jeff for 8 years and the Superhero Institute is the culmination of everything great he’s ever done.

The level of excellence he’s providing is on par with the best online courses, frameworks, and digital marketing tactics I’ve ever seen. With his powers combined, I can truly become the hero I was always meant to be.

Jon Steiert

Navigating today’s increasingly complex, rapidly-evolving marketplaces can be extremely difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs. You need specific tools and skills to differentiate yourself from the competition and exponentially grow your business.

Jeff and The Superhero Institute not only consistently deliver timely, practical, and thought-provoking content that has helped me to grow as a business leader, but also surrounded me with a like-minded community of superheroes all committed to changing the world.

Matt Engler

Matt Engler

Origin Story

The Big Idea

The Superhero Institute was my call to adventure, now it’s yours.

Phase I

In 2008, Jeff graduated from an MBA program and promptly began working at a strategy and leadership consultancy. His primary focus was on social media marketing. Over the next 11 years, he learned about Brand, Operations, Public Relations, Influence, Marketing, Psychology, Philosophy, Company Culture, Sales, and more. After spending most of that time running an agency, Jeff decided to embark on a bigger mission.

Phase II

The Superhero Institute launched in January 2020 as a coaching program offering one-on-one and group coaching. Jeff had developed a methodology and was teaching it to his coaching clients. It was a methodology for unlocking potential, and it works.

Relaunched in mid-2021, The Superhero Institute was reconfigured to teach the Superhero Institute methodology to other coaches and provide certification for them to teach the methodology to their clients.

Join the Superhero Movement

We can fundamentaly change how we feel at work and our ability to live the life we want.


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