Here's how it works...

You can learn the Superhero Institute Framework whether or not you pay for it.

The difference between learning it and getting certified comes down to whether or not you want to be granted a license to the intellectual property allowing you to teach the framework to others, gain access to our coaches community, gain access to our coaches marketing resources library, gain included full access to the additional courses in Superhero University, be listed in our Superhero Coaches directory, and be promoted by the Superhero Institute.

Join for free if you just want to learn the framework to improve yourself. If you want to be one of our coaches, get certified and join our team of heroes.


Choose The Path

Everyone can become a hero. It’s just a choice of how you walk the path.

Everyday Hero

  • Standard Training
  • Community Discord Access

Certified Hero

$ 2,000
One Time Payment
  • Heroic Training
  • Superhero Certification
  • Member Discord Access
  • Coaches Profile in Directory
  • Full Access to Resource Library